Like many of my writing buddies, I’ve considered TWW our home away from home for more years than we really want to count.

During that time, we’ve made good friends and writing buddies.

We’ve read our works in progress and received valuable, constructive critique.

We’ve attended classes, conferences, seminars, plotting parties and . . . parties to develop, enhance and refine the art and craft we bring to our writing.

And we share our acceptances and rejections (and receive applause for each because rejections mean we are submitting our work).

  1. Nice! Very similar to Katharine Susannah Prichard Writers Center in Perth, Australia. When I was living there (today in Sweden) i was a member there, and they had groups most days of the week. I love to meet other writers!

    • Thanks Magdalena for your comments.
      I think writers workshops and read/critique groups are so beneficial to writes==not just for the opportunity to work with peers but also the opportunity to forge friendships and working relationships with other writers.

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