Now that I have my Kindle, most of the space on my shelves is filled with books about the process of writing fiction or ones by master writers.  Those last books I read again and again for my own pleasure and for the insight they give into the process of writing fiction. I often say that I’ve learned more from reading the works of the master writers than I have from any class I’ve ever taken.

Art and Craft of Writing

JanetBurroway: Writing Fiction

Julia Cameron: The Artist’s Way, Vein of Gold, Walking
in the World, The Right to Write, The Sound of Paper

Annie Dillard: The Writing Life

John Gardner; On Moral Fiction,On Writers and
Writing, On Becoming a Novelist, The Art of Fiction

Natalie Goldberg: Wild Mind, Thunder and Lighting

Francine Prose: Reading Like a Writer

Blake Snyder: Save the Cat

Jerome Stern: Making Shapely Fiction

John Truby: The Anatomy of Story

Character Development

Joseph Campbell:The Power of Myth

James N Frey:  The Key

Linda Goodman:Sun Signs

David Kearsey and Marilyn Bates:Please
Understand Me

Jean Shinoda:   Goddesses in Everywoman

Victoria Schmidt: 45 Master Characters

Constantin Stanislavski:Building Character

Dwight Swaim: Creating Characters: How to Build Story

Roger J Woolger and Jennifer Barker Woolger: The
Goddess Within


William Noble: Shut Up! He Explained

Free Writing, Brainstorming and Writing Exercises

Chris Baty:No Plot? No problem

Anne Bernays:What If?

Natalie Goldberg:Writing Down the Bones

Donald Newlove:First Paragraphs

Gabriele Rico:Writing the Natural Way

Lou Willet Stanen:Story Starters

Robert Yehling: The Write Time

Marketing Guides

Robert Lee Brewer, Editor: 2011 Writer’s Market

Kristin Lamb: We Are Not Alone, Are You There Blog

David Mathison: Be the Media

Chuck Sambuchino, Editor: 2012 Guide to Literary Agents

Master Writers

Margaret Atwood

Jane Austin

Sara Addison Allen

Raymond Carver

Annie Dillard

William Faulkner

F. Scott Fitzgerald

Ernest Hemingway

Georgette Heyer

Alice Hoffman

John Irving

James Kavanaugh

Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Sheryl Nelms

Robert Parker

J. D. Robb

Nora Roberts

John Sandford

Dylan Thomas

William Carlos Williams


Virginia Woolf

Mechanics, Sentence and Paragraph Structure, Style.

Constance Hale: Sin and Syntax

Noah Lukeman:The First Five Pages, A Dash of Style

Rebecca McClanahan: Word Painting

David Madden:Revising Fiction

Raymond Obstfeld:Fiction First Aid

Patricia O’Connor:Woe is I

Novel Writing

Mary Buckham:Break into Fiction

Jerry Cleaver:Immediate Fiction

James N Frey:How to Write a Damn Good Novel, How to Write
a Damn Good Mystery

Gothan Writers’
Wordshop:Writing Fiction

Donald Maas:Writing the Breakout Novel

Eric Maisel: Fearless Creating

Evan Marshall: The Marshall Plan for Getting Your Novel

Bob Mayer: The Novel Writer’s Tool Kit

Sol Stein:Stein on Writing

Christopher Vogler:The Writers Journey: Mythic Structure for

Plot Development

Nancy Kress: Beginnings, Middles and Ends

Noah Lukeman:The Plot Thickens

Dwight Swaim: Techniques of a Selling Writer


Blake Snyder: Save the Cat!

Short Story Writing

Paul Darcy Boles:Storycrafting

Tools of the Trade: Dictionaries and Other Invaluable
Reference Books

Word Menu

Flip Dictionary



Language Dictionaries

Writing Books by Published Fiction Writers

Margaret Atwood: Negotiating with the Dead

Dorothea Brande: Becoming a Writer

Rita Mae Brown: Starting from Scratch

Janet Evanovich: How I Write: Secrets of a
Bestselling Author

Ellen Gischrist: Falling Through Space

Steven King:On Writing

Annie Lamott:Bird by Bird

Ursula K. Le Guin: Steering the Craft

Brenda Urland:If You Want to Write

Eudora Welty:One Writer’s Beginnings

Virginia Woolf:Room of One’s Own


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