One of my graduate school professors once referred to me as a dilettante with an eclectic  imterest in all things creative.

He didn’t mean it as a complement. If fact, he inferred that my interests were shallow and concerned with passing trends.

I choose the alternate definition of those words.

A dilettante is also described as a an admirer or lover of the arts and eclectic can be described as selecting what appears to be best in various styles. There you go!

It’s true that I am fascinated by a wide variety of music, books, movies and reality performance shows. I like to be entertained.

In the areas of music and dance, I have little talent. I have a keyboard and a guitar propped against a chest in my living room, always hoping I will wake up one morning and know how to play them. No luck so far. And we really don’t want to talk about my ability on the wii dance mat.

So I live vacariously through the performances of my favorite artists.

Although my personal mode of creativity is writing, I also enjoy cooking, gardening and working on needlework projects.

While my hands are busy stirring, sewing and seeding, my mind is creating all sorts of wonderful scenarios I can type into my computer.

I’ve included many of my favorite things in this collection. I hope you will find them as entertaining as I do.



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