5 Things You Might Not Know About . . . Patricia Yeager

Last Friday I did an interview with Patricia Yeager

and we talked about her book Moon over Alcatraz.

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Today Patricia is continuing that conversation with five things you might be interested in knowing about her.

I’m a vegetarian.  I haven’t eaten meat since 1976.  Originally I wanted to lose weight so I read Diet for A Small Planet which is all about what to eat if you don’t want to eat meat or chicken or fish.  After many years of combining foods in order to get enough protein, my vegetarianism metamorphosed into where I am today, i.e. I don’t believe we have to eat meat to survive.  We’re no longer cave men and women, and we don’t need to hunt in order to live.  I think people would be healthier with less heart and weight and other physical problems if they cut meat out of their diet and ate more fruits, vegetables, and grains.  Just saying….

Learning to ride my horse has been more of a challenge than writing a book.  I never thought I’d be able to ride my horse or enjoy him at all because he’s so big.  Maximus is a Friesian which means he’s built like a Clydesdale horse (but not quite as big) but isn’t a true draft horse, yet he weighs 1,425 pounds.  When I’m on top of him I feel as if the ground is really far away and when he moves, it’s like riding a locomotive.  He has a lot of impulsion and strength and I had to learn not only how to manage him but overcome my fear.  Overcoming my fear was the most difficult thing I’ve ever done (and am still dealing with) in my life.

I love dogs.  In fact I love all animals.  My Wednesday blog is mostly about endangered animals as well as humans helping out animals and the occasional story about an animal rescue.  I’m a member of the Humane Society of the United States and believe that if anyone can be an advocate for animals, it’s that organization.  They have the money and the clout to change laws and make the lives of animals better than they are now.


I love See’s candy.  You’d never know it from looking at me since I’m 5-feet 6-inches tall and weigh 125 pounds.  However, when my husband gives me a gift, it’s almost always accompanied by a box of See’s chocolates, preferably Scotch Mallows!

I love novels set in Italy.  I stumbled upon an author in a Large Print book that my father-in-law gave me with a story by Peter Pezzelli and I love his writing.  I bought his other two books, but it seems he hasn’t written another since the last one I read.  I love the way he describes the culture, the family closeness, the beauty of a country so much older than ours in the U.S.  I’d like to find another author who writes books set in Italy.

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Hope to see you here.


About Sharon K Owen

I am a fiction writer, a university professor, a copy editor and an online writing teacher. My first Romantic Suspense: Thicker Than Water (Brands Crossing Series) was published in 2011 and the second book in the series, Whatever Goes Around, will be published in 2016. My short stories and poetry have been published in Descant, Concho River Review, Iron Horse, American Literary Review, Trinity Writer's Workshop newsletter and collections of Christmas stories. I am blessed with a loving, supportive family, a multitude of friends and the good fortune to share a cozy sanctuary in North Texas with my two cats (Matt and Cinders).

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