Today, I’m delighted to introduce my friend and fellow WANA1011 member, Diane Capri.

 Diane Capri is the bestselling author of six prior novels and a recovering lawyer. Diane says she writes mystery and suspense for the same reason she reads: to have fun, find out what happens, why people do what they do and to restore order to an unjust world. Diane’s readers say her books emphasize wry humor and everywoman’s inherent strength and self-reliance. Diane’s books are translated in multiple languages. She and her husband are snowbirds who divide their time between Michigan and Florida.

An active member of Mystery Writers of America, Author’s Guild, International Thriller Writers, and Sisters in Crime, she loves to hear from readers and is hard at work on her next novel. Connect with her on the web:

Along with her latest novel You Don’t Know Jack, Diane has four Judge Wilhelmina Carson Cases, and two Jennifer Lane Cases. They are all now available as e-books on Amazon Kindle. Buy or Download a Sample Today!

Don’t Know Jack: Behind the Book

The Hunt For Reacher

Begins now: Don’t Know Jack

Here’s the setup:


Don’t Know Jack (The Hunt for Reacher series #1)

It’s been a while since we first met Lee Child’s Jack Reacher in Killing Floor. Fifteen years and sixteen novels later, Reacher still lives off the grid, until trouble finds him, and then he does whatever it takes, much to the delight of readers and the dismay of villains. Now someone big is looking for him. Who? And why? Hunting Jack Reacher is a dangerous business, as FBI Special Agents Kim Otto and Carlos Gaspar are about to find out. Otto and Gaspar are by-the-book hunters who know when to break the rules, but they Don’t Know Jack. Reacher is a stone cold killer. Is he their friend or their enemy? Only the secrets hidden in Margrave, Georgia will tell them.

Click here to: Buy or Sample Don’t Know Jack Now!

Behind the Book (in Diane’s words):

Readers ask me where I get my ideas. I usually tease, “I order them from” The truth is I don’t always know. Ideas spark, kindle my interest and sometimes explode into a novel or a series of novels. But in the case of Don’t Know Jack, I do remember the moment.

A couple of years ago, I was chatting with Lee Child at a book event in New York about his iconic character.

“Where is Reacher hiding?” I asked.
“Reacher doesn’t hide,” Lee said. Maybe a little huffily?

Lee’s a lot bigger than me. And he writes violence like a man with experience. I’ve always thought him a gentle giant, but …. I backpeddaled a bit.

“Right. But where does Reacher live?”
“Wherever he wants,” the tall guy said. I thought I dectected a slight challenge in his tone.

I backed out of arms’ reach before I pressed on. “He waits until trouble finds him and then he wipes the floor with the bad guys. Perfect. But what’s he doing between books?”

Lee shrugged, said nothing.

Tenaciously, I tried again.

“Reacher’s killed a lot of people by now. Sixteen books. A lot of bodies. Surely someone wants payback, don’t you think?”

Lee leveled the patented Reacher stare. “Who in his right mind would go looking for Reacher? You?”

Right. Only an idiot with a death wish — or an FBI agent who knows nothing about Reacher’s, er, talents — would undertake such a foolhardy quest. Even then, she wouldn’t do it if she had a choice.

But matching wits with Jack Reacher, now that would be interesting, I thought, even though it could very well be deadly. Then again, the bigger they are the harder they fall. Whoever takes Reacher down will become a legend in some circles.

What if a determined, ambitious woman …..

That’s the backdrop behind Don’t Know Jack, Diane’s  new Kindle suspense novel. (That’s right. Don’t Know Jack is only available as a Kindle eBook for $5.99. Don’t have a Kindle? No problem. You can read Don’t Know Jack on any device or computer. Instructions HERE.)

Click here to: Buy or Sample Don’t Know Jack Now!

The following is the interview I had with Diane about herself, her writing life and her new novel:

SHARON:     Diane, Thanks so much for agreeing to this interview. Could you tell us a little bit about yourself.

DIANE CAPRI: I’ve always been a writer. I’ve also worked as a lawyer, law professor, teacher, consultant, green onion stripper, and for one summer, I filled cones with soft-serve ice cream for tourists who didn’t mind eating amid the aroma of horse manure.

SHARON:     What inspired you to write your novels?

DIANE CAPRI: Initially, I challenged myself to complete Carly’s Conspiracy in the style of stories I most loved to read. I’d been through Travis McGee’s adventures a dozen times, never tiring of his exploits. By the time I started the work that would become my first novel, I’d moved to Florida and adored everything about the Sunshine State. So I wrote five suspenseful Florida mysteries. Rather than a strapping, muscular boat-bum like McGee, the heroes are Wilhelmina Carson and Jennifer Lane, women lawyers who deliver true justice along with a splash of humor. The books quickly found a publisher, an audience, and acclaim as well, so I was lucky — and grateful that readers enjoyed the books. Connecting with readers is one of the best feelings on earth.

SHARON:     Tell us a little bit about your book.

DIANE CAPRI: Lawyers are joiners by nature, so when I began writing fiction, I joined Mystery Writers of America, Sisters in Crime, Romance Writers of America, and other writing organizations. Those relationships led to an invitation to join International Thriller Writers at its inception and shortly thereafter, an invitation to run for election as a member of the board along with my friend, the #1 International Bestselling Author, Lee Child.

At a book event in New York in 2009, Lee and I discussed a question that had been bugging me about Lee’s iconic character: Where exactly was Jack Reacher? We see Reacher in each book where trouble finds him, but what about between those exploits? Surely someone must want to find him? That conversation inspired me to write a series of suspense novels answering the inquiry. The first of those novels is Don’t Know Jack, introducing FBI Special Agents Kim Otto and Carlos Gaspar.

SHARON:     Who are your main characters? What are their goals? What are their conflicts?

DIANE CAPRI: FBI Special Agents Kim Otto and Carlos Gaspar are partnered for the first time in Don’t Know Jack. Reacher’s being considered for a special project. Otto and Gaspar are tasked with completing Reacher’s background check, ordered to learn everything he’s done since he left the army. They start in Margrave, Georgia, the setting for Reacher’s first appearance fifteen years ago in Lee Child’s debut novel, The Killing Floor. Reacher’s dangerous and no one who knew him then is willing to talk. But why?

SHARON:     Where can we buy your book?

DIANE CAPRI: Don’t Know Jack is available exclusively as a Kindle e-book, available from Amazon.

SHARON:     What are you working on now?

DIANE CAPRI: Book #2 in the Hunt for Reacher series, tentatively titled Get Jack Back.

SHARON:     What do you consider the genre for your book?

DIANE CAPRI: Good question! I’d call it suspense, with a twist of thriller and mystery.

SHARON:     Who are your favorite writers?

DIANE CAPRI: Besides Lee Child? Oh, my God. (laughs) That list would take a lot more room than you’ve got here!

SHARON:     f you weren’t a writer, what would be your dream job?

DIANE CAPRI: Writing is my dream job. Always has been. But I guess I might enjoy wine tasting. On the beach. With chocolate. (laughs)

SHARON:     Are the locations you use as settings in your works ones where you have lived or visited?

DIANE CAPRI: I’ve at least visited the places I write about. I’ve traveled quite a bit over the years, so I don’t get stuck in too many location ruts, thankfully. If I need more information about certain settings, I usually ask a local to help me. It’s important to get the details right, especially when I add the fictional elements to an existing setting. I love it when readers try to find the places I make up!

SHARON:     Do you pay much attention to reviews, reader feedback or critique of your book? How does it affect your writing?

DIANE CAPRI: I love reader feedback. It’s invaluable to me because I write for readers. I want them to have a great experience with the book.  Reviews are important, but professional reviewers generally have a different agenda from readers. Professional reviewers aren’t reading for pure pleasure, and that makes all the difference. As for critiques, I seriously consider all of those, too. I make every possible effort to get things right and if I haven’t, I want to fix that. Every time.

SHARON:     Describe your usual work environment (home, café, library?)

DIANE CAPRI: Years and years of lawyering have led me to be most comfortable at a desk, working in total silence. Just me and the computer and the work. No distractions.

SHARON:     Do you listen to music when you write? Name your favorite type of music and performers.

DIANE CAPRI: I love music, but music serves me best when I’m not writing. I’m a fan of most genres.

SHARON:     In addition to writing, do you have another career?  What is that?

DIANE CAPRI: No, thank God! Writing takes all my energy. The biggest problem I have with my career is not enough time to write!

SHARON:     If (when) you become a best selling writer, with what groups and organizations will you share your windfall?

 DIANE CAPRI: There are too many philanthropic activities worthy of our support. But literacy is my first love and first priority. Adult literacy should be paramount. Reading can save your life. Literally, as in reading the directions on poisons or medicines. Figuratively, as in fiction that transports us to another world when we find the one we live in lacking. Economically, because no job on the planet can be done effectively without reading comprehension. Resources abound to improve childhood literacy. But adults need more immediate help.

SHARON:     When you think of your audience/readers, what effect do you hope your book has on them when they’ve finished reading it?

DIANE CAPRI: Through my stories, I hope readers are entertained. I hope they’re inspired to realize the power they already have to achieve whatever they’re inspired to do. I hope they are reminded that all problems can be solved with creativity and humor and persistence. I hope they see themselves as heroes of their own lives, because that’s how I see them!

SHARON:  Thank you so much for visiting here today. I look forward to reading all your books.


About Sharon K Owen

I am a fiction writer, a university professor, a copy editor and an online writing teacher. My first Romantic Suspense: Thicker Than Water (Brands Crossing Series) was published in 2011 and the second book in the series, Whatever Goes Around, will be published in 2016. My short stories and poetry have been published in Descant, Concho River Review, Iron Horse, American Literary Review, Trinity Writer's Workshop newsletter and collections of Christmas stories. I am blessed with a loving, supportive family, a multitude of friends and the good fortune to share a cozy sanctuary in North Texas with my two cats (Matt and Cinders).

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  1. Suspenseful tales are the most inspiring out there, in my view, Diane. Sounds like yours is no exception! Can’t wait to read it. Best wishes for endless, huge success. 🙂

  2. Thank you, August. I love unpredictability in fiction. Even in romance, where we know there will be a “happily ever after,” the stories I enjoy are the ones where suspense exists in the journey. Thanks of reading!

  3. Hi Diane and Sharon! Fabulous interview!

    Sharon, I like the way you got more information out of Diane. I know how hard that is. It’s like pulling a tooth! LOL! She’s such a mystery like her novels. I also like your question as to what gives Diane her inspiration and the organizations she’s been involved with. She’s a busy talented woman.

    And see, I didn’t find out until now that she likes wine, the beach and chocolate. Hmm. I knew there was something that I liked about Diane! LOL.

    Great job Sharon! 🙂

  4. Sharon, nice interview! It’s always fun to see how other writers’ process works. I really enjoyed this book, so it’s extra fun to see another tidbit of “behind the book!” Thanks for hosting, and thanks for being here, Diane!

  5. Thanks for your kind words on my book, Jen. Glad you came to visit Sharon and we had fun putting this together, too.

  6. Your passion for literacy touches and impresses me, Diane. I’m glad to know you and pleased to have DON’T KNOW JACK in my Kindle.

  7. Diane, this piece has taught me to skim no longer. I skipped right past “green onion” to “stripper” and was truly dazzled by your wide-ranging experience 🙂 Congrats on the new series! Great interview, Sharon. The philanthropy question was inspired.

    • Thanks Eve,

      It was a fun interview.


    • OMG!!! I assure you, I have NEVER been a “stripper” — much to the heartfelt appreciation of anyone who might have been unfortunate enough to see me dance fully clothed, even! Thanks for stopping by, Eve. Glad you enjoyed the post. Sharon’s questions were HARD! Really made me think about several things. If she asks to interview you, be prepared!! (Just kidding, Sharon. You’re a great interviewer! Wish I could do as well!)

  8. This was so much fun for me, folks. Thanks for reading my guest post and leaving your comments! And please join me over at my blog where we can continue all sorts of interesting conversations. Today, I’ve got a great interview with a Celebrity Author in my “Diane Capri Reveals” segment. Who is it? Come on over and find out! And while you’re there — subscribe to the blog so you don’t miss anything, and we’ll give you a free short story immediately! Thanks again for inviting me here, Sharon! I had a great time!!!

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