Usually my Saturday blog introduces one of the talented writers from the Trinity Writers Workshop (TWW).



After attending TWW’s regular Saturday workshop today,  I joined several members of our group for lunch at our favorite Tex-Mex restaurant nearby.

The lively discussion included commentary on each members work in progress, a review of our recent seminar and the benefits derived from that and future events. This made me think of all the reasons a group like ours is such a good choice for writers to attend.



So, today, I’m giving you five good reasons for a writer to join a writers read/critique group.




1.    It provides a safe, supportive place to read one’s writing and receive an honest but supportive critique














2.    It offers, seminars, conferences and classes in which experts in their field offer advice on various aspects of the writing and marketing process.





3.    It provides social media connections in the form of blogs, websites and forums in which writers can connect with each other and share information.



4.    It presents the opportunity to find beta readers for your works in progress when they near completion.


and most important



5.    It encourages writers to become acquainted and make friends with other writers.

Ours is such a solitary profession, it is nice to socialize with like-minded  individuals.




There are many professional writing groups (national and local) for every genre of novels, short stories, poetry and non-fiction. They provide good speakers and contests and annual conferences as well as websites with good information. I belong to several and recommend them to any serious writer.

A writers’ critique group, however, is a more personal group that works at the level of the creative process and motivates, challenges and supports its members through their progress in completing their works in process. Once finished, members are there to listen to the results of submissions (rejections and acceptances) and encourage the writer to persevere. Once published, the writer has a built-in cheering squad, buyers and reviewers of books.

For any writers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, I invite you to visit TWW on either or both Tuesday Night or Saturday Morning workshops. Times and locations are provided at our website: http://trinitywritersworkshop.com



About Sharon K Owen

I am a fiction writer, a university professor, a copy editor and an online writing teacher. My first Romantic Suspense: Thicker Than Water (Brands Crossing Series) was published in 2011 and the second book in the series, Whatever Goes Around, will be published in 2016. My short stories and poetry have been published in Descant, Concho River Review, Iron Horse, American Literary Review, Trinity Writer's Workshop newsletter and collections of Christmas stories. I am blessed with a loving, supportive family, a multitude of friends and the good fortune to share a cozy sanctuary in North Texas with my two cats (Matt and Cinders).

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  1. Couldn’t agree more with your points, Sharon! Both my writers group and critique partner helped my writing improve considerably. For those outside of the Dallas-Fort Worth area, I invite you to check out LadiesWhoCritique.com (open for men too!). Critiquing is an invaluable part of the writers journey, and one I hope everyone has easy access too.

  2. I agree Laura. Sounds like you have a good group as well

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